Bangor Factoids

  • A church/monastery was founded on the site of Bangor Cathedral in 525AD. One of the oldest Christian sites on the British Isles.
  • The monastery was surrounded by a special type of fence made of posts and braided branches. The name of this type of fence? Bangor.
  • Pier Y Garth is recognized as the best Victorian pier in Wales, and one of the five best in Britain.
  • According to the books Bridget Jones went to Bangor University.
  • On the 5th of September 1962 Bangor City Football Club won by two goals to nothing against the world famous Napoli.
  • Bangor High Street is the longest in Wales.
  • here are at least 5 Bangors in the world – but ours is the best! 
    • Bangor, Maine, USA
    • Bangor, Wisconsin, USA
    • Bangor, Northern Ireland
    • Bangor, Belle Ilse, France